Monday, August 21, 2006

The Day after Your Holiday

We stayed in a Villa in Fayence France ...superb

I tend to find that the day after your holiday is often filled with the blues !!

Last week We were relaxing beside the pool & this week reality looms in the shape of your to do list :-)

Anyway our Holiday with Paul , Ali, Matthew & Samantha was very special one that will live long in the memory banks ....

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Anne, Dylan and Gareth are Cyprus Bound

Anne , Dylan & Gareth
Most people go for two weeks to Cyprus for a holiday ...This family however are going for 2-3 years ...Gareth is in the army so they will be flying off into the sun next week . We will miss them....

We took them to the "Treacle Mine" for a farewell cup of Hot Chocolate :-)
Anne buying some farewell treats at the Treacle Mine served by Anna

Beach Wear !!

If your holiday should take you to the seaside then beware of the crabs !!!

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Grannie From Wales has Come to stay !

Pat ..the Welsh Grannie from Blackmill has been staying with us the last few days ..and she has had the cheek to hang out the Welsh flag from her bedroom window !! I said that means that the Dragon is in residence :-)

Saturday, August 05, 2006

5 blessed days

Maria took on the council and they didn't know what hit them ...the park toilets are now open !!
Sandy shorts interview with the Dodgy Irish Diver ....
Deal or No deal ...or as they called it Nile or No Nile !
Wac a Rat ...took a few hits ...poor ratty has gone on holiday to lick his wounds

HBC 2006 " Walk Like An Egyptian" is over was brilliant ...over 200 young hearts were reached ...Last night at the parents evening we had 250 people wonderful

The team I have to say were fantastic all working as One ..... I am looking forward to next year ...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

More Moses and Pharoah capers !

The Team
you got to know how to juggle a few balls in the air in the pastorate and don't forget at the same time you got to keep that water in the cup ! Couple of our team members ...a remarkable likeness

should be locked up those two
Games on the Field ..but trouble is on its way

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Pharoah & Moses come to Wem

That Beard Takes Years off Phil !! ..

HBC is going extremely well ....fatigue however is beginning to set in and it's only Tuesday .

So far this year we have had 170 kids and along with the 54 team members it is turning into a lovely atmosphere for the Gospel to be preached to so many young hearts...

Some pics ..more to follow later ..I think I make a very dashing Pharoah ...not sure about the little geezer with the beard though ....

The Singing Has been Great

The Silver Fox and the Burning Bush

Moses And Bob The Snake Charmer

Poor Old Andy has to wear the shorts of Shame ...all day and all night !