Monday, January 29, 2007

Best Friends, Bowls & an Open House

Great weekend , Paul & Ali along with Samantha finally made it over to Wem for the Day . Gill & Ali sampled the delights of the vine whilst Paul & I battled it out at the local ten pin bowling alley . Now I have to say that usually I beat Paul at most things without even breaking into a sweat but on this occasion we both scored a meagre 78 points each honours even . We wont mention that a couple of girlies ie Samantha & Becca managed to score in the 90's :-(

On Sunday after evening service we had "Open House" at our home . An informal time when folk come along for a chat and a few biscuits .. a great way to get to know people who you often don't get a chance to chat with .

Thursday, January 25, 2007

For those who struggle with maths >>>

I thought this was funny so I had to share it ...Not recommended for the exam though ....for those of you who enjoy the maths perhaps you would like to share the real answer in the comments..

Monday, January 22, 2007

Fun & Games at Church

On Saturday night some of the folk from the church got together for a social evening . Games quizzes and in true contemporary European style we ate cheese fondue ..

The games became a bit messy towards the end ...You can't beat a good soaking to lift everyone spirits...

It was a great night and I think both young and old enjoyed it .

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Its blowing a gale this morning ..

It's gusting up to 90mph outside ...not a day for Scotsman in kilts . If you go out today make sure you wear led boots !!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Redeeming Ruth with Mars Hill Church

If you get a chance have a listen to Pastor Mark Driscoll's latest sermon series from the book of Ruth ...Click here for the link the video intro to the series , its very good .

I am also impressed with the way they are presenting this series on their website ....Ben if you are reading this then ..take a look at how Mars Hill Church presents their Sermons on their site's excellent

Monday, January 15, 2007

Food and Fellowship

Sarah and Richard (still in his pyjamas :-))

Having folk round for a meal is a wonderful way to spend time just chatting . As we talk we encourage and are encouraged by those we share a table with .

This weekend we shared a few chickens ( poor old chickens) with a couple of families . We had the curried chicken with " the Foulkes' of Wheelock" ...Danny , Julie , Jacob, Naomi and Chloe ..Josh was missing from the tribe on this occasion (click this link for the standard blog photo on Danny's blog ...when he gets round to uploading it that is !!)
Then on Sunday we had the traditional roast with the "Lords' of Shawbury" ...Richard , Sarah , Amy and Ella ...Alice would have been there but was on Birthday party duty ..

Great weekend , Good food , Good fellowship and distraught chickens ...never mind we have the nut roast next time ...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Dinner with the Ainscough's

Dave, Deb , Becki, Abi & John shared a chicken and a bit of beef with us on Sunday ...It was great to see them again ...

Gill & Dave at one point became so underwhelmed by the Sunday afternoon conversation that they both dropped off for a few ZZZZ's on the sofa that kind of thing normally happens when I'm preaching.... not in the living room ... I would have had a photo of them both snoring away but Gill nobbled the camera before I could upload it !!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Slow start to blogdom

It's been a slow start as far as blog posts are concerned so far this year but I will endeavour to put things right this week .

Steve Jones ( click here for his brand new blog) is joining Phil and I for three weeks as part of his theological training ...So welcome to Steve ...He may well need some counseling by the end of his three weeks :-)

Monday, January 01, 2007

28th Dec ..Nana /Pops and the go-lightlies came for Dinner ..

My Sister ...My big big sister & Nick have been eating all the pies this year ...I'm dead when she reads this :-)

Boxing day with our Bezzy mates ...

There was no snow this year ( check out last year click here ) ...but it was great to chill out with our oldest friends ...Alli this year is about to become a member of the 40 + club :-) she will officially join the wrinklies ...

We had a very healthy breakfast the next day ....after all they were organic sausages :-)

Christmas Day ...Family gathering

Grannie and Gramps came over for the day ...we had the traditional ceremony of the Christmas pud ...this year Gramps poured nearly half a bottle of Brandy over it gave rise to a big blue flame ... It's not like a Yorkshireman to be so lavish :-)

Christmas Eve ... Getting ready for Santa

He drinks Port you know ...he has gone off the milk ... must be the stress of having to deliver all those pressy's in one night ...poor old Santa

Christmas in pics Becca came to stay ..

She had a touch of constipation :-) the figs worked a treat ...sorry Beccs ..I know I have a terrible sense of humour ....

Becca came to stay just before Christmas was brilliant to see her again