Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Day 5 ..The pace is unrelenting ...

Phil went sleep walking last night and found one of Lee's recreational toys!!a light breakfast casserole to start the day cooked by our American Mom:-)Ma ,Pa & the boys having breakfast...

Another hard day at the office ...all of us are starting to suffer from information overload !!..Look at the concentration n Jamie's face ....He had a full head of hair 5 days ago !!

Evening Meal at 'The Club' an exclusive restaurant overlooking Birmingham The food was sumptuous ...oysters , caviar the lot ....far to sophisticated for the other boys ;-)

The happy gang

The Chuckle Brothers !!
Chris's belly is beginning to stretch the stitching on his shirts !!! To be honest our food consumption seems to have hit an all time high today ...and in a few hours time we are being taken for yet another big breakfast ...bring on the carrots and celery !!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Day 4 ..The Lords Day ...Hallelujah

"Tell me then Chris what do you think of the film Broke Back Mountain :-)"The day began with an early morning stroll ...A prayer walk ... Poor Phil he desperately wanted to be in the shot ..we offered to put him on a box but he politely declined .

On a serious note the morning stroll was prayerfully productive ..Chris , Phil & I were able to petition the throne with much liberty
Phil was a little anxious whilst reading one of Lee's recreational magazines !!!
Huckleberry Lee ...poor lad cant afford shoes :-)
For morning service we attended Brook Hills and heard Dr David Platt speak . All of us were humbled under the word . If you get a chance go to their web site and Listen to him speak ..For a 29 year old man he speaks with much empowerment ..This is a photo of David in action ...the church is huge ..they have three services with over 6000 people attending . Praise God

Lunch at Loyd's ...The waitress Leanne took a shine to my English accent ..so i got extra chips :-)

A couple of small lemonades... the drinks i mean not Wes & Phil :-)

I all got a little too much for Wyatt our resident cowboy !We visited down town Birmingham . Some of the chaps went to the civil rights museum. Martin Luther King was imprisoned in Birmingham in the 1960'sIn the evening we went to Briarwood and heard an excellent sermon preached by Harry Reader . Harry had been teaching at the conference all week . Again this is another busy church , with an average Sunday congregation of over 4000 folk

After Evening service we met up with Carolyn , Harry and Tom ( above Photo) to discuss the forthcoming Embers to a Flame conference in the UK in November . I took a picture of Tom because he looks remarkably like the late great William Towers of Wem ...Phil and I were shocked as to how similar he is to Will .
Its been a good day today ...the Lord really touched all of our hearts and challenged us ..So look out England here we come .....
Message to Gill & the kids ...i love you all and miss you terribly ...see you all soon 831 xx

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Day 3 ... Edification & Southern Hospitality

The conference ..Harry Reader is a gifted speaker and it has been a privilege to hear him teach..."Wes ...What time is the next coffee break ..I need another blueberry muffin! "
Alan "I cant believe the response Jamie has had to his blog photo..look at the emails !! "....Jamie "I'm overwhelmed , the ladies love me :-) "

Out shopping with our American Mom
Phil in J C Penney's buying undergarments for his wife :-)

Again wonderful hospitality shown to us all tonight at Annette & Campbells house . A great meal and great company ...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Day 2 ..Conference & cakes !!

It was an early start this morning for the intrepid joggers!!! It was freezing -3 degrees BRRRR Outside the conference centre ...
Inside the conference centre

Walmarts...Jamie poor lad is a single bloke who is becoming a bit desperate ...he has resorted now to Pink shirts and Teddy bears ...So ladies if you fancy taking on this poor old Scotsman then dop me a line :-)
This is a couple of boys waiting for their steak in one of the local steakhouses " Outbacks " the food was superb and this particular restaurant was managed by an Englishman called Dave .
Another Conference photo ....
Jamie's at it again ...turn your back for one minute and he is chatting to the Ladies ..Susan who is part of the conference team was at the time sorting out our restaurant reservation ...
Wes & yes you guessed it Jamie making good use of their free time :-)...check out Jamie's Face

Birmingham is a great place to come to , the folk here are very hospitable and friendly . All of us have benefitted from their friendship .
Despite what it looks like on the photo's we are actually spending most of our days at the conference where there is much information and teaching to absorb .
In between times we eat ...its the American way ..so when in Rome as they say .... I had been trying to lose weight until I came here :-)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Hi from Alabama

Well here we aaalll are ..from the deep south .
We are all very tired , yesterday which I think was Wednesday we were travelling for nearly 23 hours .... at my age that is no joke.
The place is great ...the food is plentiful , my stomach is very happy.

The First picture is one taken on the coach on the way down to London. We met a loveley lady called Mary and I promised I would put her picture up on the internet ..

The second picture is the one of the boys on tour . This was taken at Charlotte airport which I think is in North Carolina.

This is Jamie the mad Scotsman ...at this stage in our travels we were becoming a little delirious ..or rather jamie was :-)Our host family in Birmingham have a Harley , so Phil is in his element ..He struggled to put his feet on the floor though :-)This is the home of the Trinkle family ...and our wonderful hosts Lee& Catherine Trinkle . They truly know how to show Christian hospitality .Breakfast at one of the local restaurants... The Brits are in town Jamie pretending he was full ..he ate six meals the day before ...they are made of strong stuff those Scottish boys !!This was my snack of a breakfast !!!The Conferance Venue at the Church ...they have 4000 members at this Church Phil , as usual , managed to get himself in front of the camera ..what you cant see is that they had to stand him on a box :-)....Below is the seminar room ..just to prove we are working :-)

So far its been a great experience , however I am absoluteley cream crackered . The Jet lag is kicking in big time ...more Photo's tomorrow ... Missing everyone back at home .

Monday, January 21, 2008

Look out Alabama!!

I'm not going to be around for the next 9 days . Phil & I are off to Birmingham ,Alabama to attend a couple of Conferences .Click here to watch a video about it .
There are a number of Pastors travelling over with us so it really is a case of 'Pastor Boys On Tour ' :-)
I am hoping to be able to post from the States , so watch this space and read about our adventures on the other side of the pond ....

I'm going to miss my family , its the longest Gill & I have been apart in 20 years of marriage ..Will she cope I ask myself :-)

Anyway I must fly !!