Friday, July 31, 2009

Laura's bumper crop of sweet peas.

Laura has had a real result with her sweet peas this year. Those in the know say they are competition standard :-) You see how much she has learnt whilst living in Wem the home of the sweet pea.
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Chester will miss his river walks :-(

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Home safe

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Still waiting

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Waiting in the Airport.

Laura did this welcome home poster. We are all here waiting in terminal 2. Eating some very expensive sandwiches!
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

They baked a cake!

Laura and Katie baked a cake tonight for Anna's return tomorrow

She loves kinder eggs and anything pink. Looking forward to sampling this delight tomorrow :-)
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Two out of three home :-)

Katie and Laura arrived back from their week of mission in Spain last night. They had lots of stories to tell. A wonderful experience for them all.
The whole story is told here.

Thanks to Rich,Sarah and Tee for leading the team so well.

Anna next. We pick her up from Manchester airport tomorrow :-)
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Rev Rob !

People often wonder what I look like when I wear my dog collar(which only ever goes on for out of hours hospital visits)

So for here you go, one time only. If you see me in it again you're likely to be on your last legs :-).
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shropshire Life. Late evening walk :-)

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Caddy has come to stay.

We have Phil and Tee's dog 'Caddy' keeping Chester company this week whilst the Wrights are in Spain.
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The intrepid Biker Pastor.

Phil sent me this pic from Spain today. He is biking down to meet with our team of young people who are on a mission in Spain.

If you want to check out their exploits. Then click this address
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Friday, July 24, 2009

Hospital visits.

Have been spending a lot of time over the last three weeks travelling back and forwards to Arrowe Park hospital near Birkenhead. Mum has been quite poorly with heart problems but is thankfully now a little more stable. This does mean lots of time spent in the car which is a blessing in many ways as it gives you plenty of opportunity to drink in some good preaching via podcasts.

Its true every cloud does have a silver lining.
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

A bit of Perspective from Anna

This is a text I received from Anna. These are kids with a real daily need. If you want to feed and clothe and shelter one of them then you can. Anna is bringing back with her a list of kids that need sponsoring. It will cost you 25 quid a month. If you want to commit then drop me a mail
'Hey mum and dad! Could i give my sleeping bag and roll mat to a child here please? You should see what they live in, and they must be frozen at night, plus i want to give them something soft to lie on. These poor kids have nothin and its breakin my heart, i just want to bring them home!! So just wondering? Love you is a pic of a tin shack that these children have to live in x'

Moving Times.

Last Monday the Lord confirmed a calling back to Liverpool for both myself and my family. I am to take up a post as part of the pastoral team at the Bridge Chapel in Garston Liverpool.

It will be sad to leave behind so many good friends and so many faithful brothers and sisters here in Wem. Our five years here have been a tremendous blessing to all us Whiteways and Wem will always hold a special place in our hearts.

But as we pray every day 'Thy will be done ' and the Lord has made it clear that we should go.

So its back to the city I left in 1985 in the days of Duran Duran and when Liverpool FC dominated the league! Let's hope with my return the reds will do the same by winning the premiership next season :-)
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Coffee morning.

One of the delights of ministering in Wem is the Thursday morning coffee morning at the church. You can't beat a good cup of tea/coffee and a chat and the odd cake or two :-)
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Moral , Spain 09

Some of our young people have gone to Moral in Spain this week. They are working in the town of Moral ,helping with a holiday bible club.

Katie and Laura are amongst them, so it is very quiet in our house this week :-)
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sad day for Anna ....

Anna , my eldest daughter is away in South Africa at the moment working in an orphanage for children with aids .
She is pictured cradling a little boy who was very sick . Sadly today the little boy died .
As I said to Anna in a text ,"He has left your arms and is now safely cradled in the arms of Jesus ." Jesus Christ is the only hope that these kids have . Pray for Anna , her time in Africa is proving to be a very stretching experience one that she will never forget.

We all need to have compassion for these poor kids who have contracted this killer disease through no fault of their own .
Here is the link to the Orphanage ..Click Here

Norman & Joan had a letter from the Queen

This afternoon we celebrated in church Norman and Joan's 60th wedding anniversary . Great occasion . They brought the letter they had had from the Queen who writes to all couples who make it to this marriage milestone .
After the meal we had a Baptismal service which was a great blessing . Mark , Gayle and Sam where baptised . All members of the same family , husband and wife and son . We also dedicated little effervescent Sally their daughter in the same service .
Good Day .

Sweet Pea weekend hits Wem

It's that time of year again . The Sweet Pea Celebration weekend in Wem . This is the towns big day and as a church we have opened up the building in orderto displaythe Henry Eckford stained glass windows .
Amazingly Sweet Pea lovers from all over Britain and indeed the world come to Wem to celebrate and enter their sweet peas in a competition ....
Laura as usual has grown some in our back garden and she kindly presented Nathan with a bunch tonight .... Don't think he has ever been given flowers before . he looked a bit worried :-)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mums & Tots BBQ ..singin in the rain

John Taylor & I cooked up some very wet burgers for the mums & tots BBQ today ;-)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lots going on ...

Sorry for not blogging lately. Mum has been critically ill so I have been back and forward to her in Arrowe Park Hospital. At one stage (yesterday) it appeared to be touch and go but thankfully today she has started to show signs of recovering .

Anna is having a very interesting time in South Africa . She has been placed in an Indian community that are predominantly Muslim and they don't take to Christians very well.She is staying at a Indian Pastors house whose brother was murdered the day before she arrived !! Also one of her team was arrested in the week and to cap it off the Pastors wife was rushed into hospital with a strange sickness bug on Thursday . We have been much in prayer for them all . It doesn't help that Anna doesn't like curry either ;-)

Much going on in the Whiteway household at the moment , never a dull moment ,praise God ;-)