Monday, June 30, 2008

New camera for Hols ..just trying it out :-)

Gill & Katie ...They don't know I'm publishing this one ...I was supposed to hit the delete button !!
Katie is gonna kill me :-(
I dont like the 10 mega pixels ..shows up the grey beard and the wrinkled brow !

She went to the Ball ..yes yet another one :-)

Well Anna finally finished her A levels and off she went to the ball ..looking just like Cinderella

And no she didn't turn in to a pumpkin at midnight ...

Been suffering from Blogger fatigue !!

Proof to his future wife that he can cook !!
It was very tasty
It became all too much for him in the end :-)

Sorry to all those who stop by every now and then ...just haven't been inclined to blog up lately . I will however endeavour to put this behind me and blog on !!

The last few weeks have been hectic as usual . Laszlo our Romanian trainee Pastor was with us for five weeks and now sadly he has had to return home to get married ;-) Here are some photo highlights of his visit to Wem.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Jocky McRae came to town today

Jamie our Scottish friend came down to do some work with us today , always a pleasure to see him ...and ladies he is still looking for the woman of his dreams ;-)
I was helping Jamie with his lonely hearts ad :-)

Phil lost the plot !!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Blogger block !!

Sorry for not blogging of late excuse really apart from poor time management ..Will endeavour to blog more frequently in June ...