Friday, September 29, 2006

Back to the Grindstone

Today is my study day . For those of you who have forgotten , in my spare time I am studying for a degree in theology at this place via distance learning . I am just over half way through it's head down and books out ...

Tonight at the YPF we will be looking at the question " How do I know God Exists " ...if that question troubles you then e-mail me and we will have a cyber converstation about it .... anyway back to the books ...but first I'll put the kettle on :-)

Oh and at some point today I really must do a little excercise ....

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ordination Here I come

Well its official , last night the members of the church voted me in as full time assistant pastor from January next year . .....cost me hundreds in bribes :-)

So there you have it ... Pastor Rob ...Rev Rob ... or big bad rob ( the latter description sits much more comfortably with me!)

The hospitality has gone too far !!

This morning when I came down into the kitchen I noticed a Frog swimming merrily in the dog's water bowl!! ..... now I am a great believer in hospitality but this is taking it too far ..;-)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Harvest Time a couple of Dodgy preachers :-)

"The Tombstones" thinking about playing a medley fo their greatest hits .
" Gis A Kiss"

As a church we celebrated Harvest yesterday . Great Day . In the morning the church was full ( Again ) and then in the afternoon we had a time of worship on Wem Towns "Millenium Green" followed by a meal together back at church . Great day , great fellowship

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The power of the cross.

Alistair Begg preaching at Mars Hill church Seattle click here and then click on watch now ( or download it via MP4 file) picked up from the resurgence blog ( link in the column on the right)...have a cup of tea or coffee to hand as it's 50 minutes long ..... but worth it .

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

No More Blonde Jokes !

I forgot to tell you that my wife in no longer Blonde ...anyone got any good brunette jokes ;-)

Asleep on the Job

Feel a little like this poor chap's been a hectic few days ...but I shall have to wake myself up because the to do list is getting out of hand :-)

Monday, September 18, 2006

It's over ..

Our week of mission climaxed last night in our "Songs of Praise" evening in the school hall . Approx 300 towns folk turned up to sing and hear the Gospel , Roger Carswell spoke clearly, heralding the good news of Jesus Christ ( as he has all week) . Gill ( my better half) also gave her testimony .

On Saturday night John Mosey had been in town . A wonderful Christian man who told the story of how he coped with the sudden death of his only daughter in the Lockerbie air disaster in 1988.
John is a very honest humble man with a powerful message of hope and joy in the midst of much suffering .

On Friday Vinny Commons was over to speak to the youth . Vinny is a football coach at Preston North end with a real heart for young people . Many of the young people were affected by what he had to say .. ( Vinny is on the left of the photo)

The Lord has really blessed us this week . We have had great fellowship with Roger Carswell and Roger Carter . The gospel has been preached clearly . Souls have been saved , massive bridges have been built with the community and the members of the church are buzzing at its success ...

So Roger & Roger if you are reading this get your diaries out as we will do it all again in a couple of years time ..

Thanks to all who made this a mission worth remebering .

Sunday, September 17, 2006

I wonder

"I wonder " thought Phil " Just where have all the grey hairs gone? " :-)

Friday, September 15, 2006

Enough to Frighten anyone away!!

As you can see from this photo of Eddie Roberts and Roger Carswell we as a church know how to invite the best looking speakers to our events :-)
The little fella in between Eddie and I is Roger Carter . Roger used to be a jockey but is now in full time Christian ministry . He is supporting Roger Carswell all week ...he is a top bloke .

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Eddie ( Hard Man ) Roberts

Brilliant night last night ...Big Eddie came along with his bouncers ( 2 sons " The Double D Brothers ", his wife and a few folk from his youth work )

He was superb and had 190 folk spellbound with his story . Eddie had been a very tough nut in his younger days in Liverpool but the Lord had his hand upon him and eventually brought him to his knees in faith .
Great personal story. If your reading this Eddie thanks mate ,keep in touch .

No meeting tonight , we thought we would give old man Carswell a break ..but he will be back on Friday all guns a blazing

Hope to have a photo of Eddie to post later on ...the only problem is he is wanted by interpol don't blame me Eddie :-)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Caption Competition

This is a pic from last nights Roger Carswell interview with Rosemary Conley
I thought I would run a caption competition is one to start

" Please Please let me touch your knee Roger "
Have a go in the comments ...

Diet , Fitness & Jesus

Rosemary Conley was interviewed last night in our week of mission . She along with Fiona Castle on Monday was superb . Rosemary was converted at the age of 40 and clearly told us what a life changing moment that was for her and has continued to be .

Tonight we have a guy from my home town Eddie Roberts who used to live a life of crime ...should be interesting

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Wedding Anniversary

Gill and I Celebrate 19 years of marriage today ...well sort of , I'm not really able to celebrate it because I am out at a WHY mission meeting tonight ... But I am sure we will find time later in the week the meantime I am in the dog house :-)

The Positive aspects of Global warming !!

Sorry about this ...just made me laugh :-)

Last night

Fiona Castle gave her personal testimony last night and she was superb . What a lovely woman , who knows and serves her Lord . Over 130 people turned out to hear her . If you you ever get an opportunity to hear her story then do so or failing that buy her books ....

Living Simply click on the link that will take you to Amazon ..This is her latest book .

Or listen to her book "No Flowers... just lots of joy " here ..I think she said this was her first book where she talks about coping with her husband Roy's cancer and subsequent death and how she coped with the grief .

Monday, September 11, 2006

Why ?

That's the title of our week of mission at Wem Baptist and Prees Baptist fellowships ..It begins today is the itinerary for the week if you fancy coming along , then most meetings start at 7;30pm

Tonight Jazz evening with Fiona Castle and Roger Carswell at Wem Baptist Church.

Tuesday jazz again with Rosemary Conley ( the Health& Fitness Guru) and Roger Carswell at Prees Sports Hall

Wednesday String Quartet with Eddie Roberts ( ex Gangster from Liverpool ! ) and Roger Carswell at Wem Baptist Church

Friday At Wem we have Vinny Commons coming to speak to the youth ( 7-9pm)
At Prees we have Roger Carter ( ex Champion hunt jockey) and Roger Carswell at the Village hall.

Saturday Piano evening with John Mosey ( who lost his daughter in the Lockerbie air disaster) with Roger Carswell

Sunday Morning worship atWem led By Phil Wright and at Prees Roger Carswell is speaking. Both starting 11:00am

Sunday evening Songs of Praise in the Stanier Hall Wem ..Phil/ Myself and Roger Carwell wil be leading that one . Starting 6:30pm

So busy , busy week ... we would love to see there ..Hope to post a few photo's during the week .

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

First Day Photo's

We have all had them ....the Photo of our first day at secondary school ....when your brand new uniform looks as though it could fit two of you in ... "plenty of growing room" !!

Well it was my youngest daughters turn for the obligatory photo yesterday as she set off for her Big School adventure...

All three of them returned to school yesterday ...Anna the eldest ( on the right ) she started Big Big School ( oops sorry college) ...Don't tell them I posted this photo will you..... they will kill me :-0

Monday, September 04, 2006

No Respect

Let me apologise for my wife ...She has no respect for the Kingdom of Blogdom ..I am
going to have to get hold of a decent photo editor software ... I need to smooth out a few wrinkles ( on me of course not my wife !!)

This is why Hoodies have been outlawed !!

Check out the chins :-) too much cake at coffee morning me thinks ...if he wants to be oo7 next year then he better start training !

Below I can reveal the Knight in Shining Armour decide ...Hood on or Off

Cast your vote in the comments ....

More Carnival pics

Wem Carnival ..our Float came 1st

Gill and Tee have been working long hours over the last few days desiogning and putting together the church float for the Carnival . Lots of folk helped out it was a great team effort ...and the long hours paid off ...WE WON ...the first time ever the Church has won first prize ....Well done to all involved

Narnia was the theme ....some photo's above out for the dodgy horse looking bloke!!