Friday, February 22, 2008

Pastors getting together

A few Pastors and Elders from various churches got together at Wem this afternoon to eat together and pray together . Being in the front line can be a lonely existence sometimes and its good to spend a little time with folk who can empathise with you.

So thanks to the men who attended today and thanks to Meta who cooked a wonderful meal .

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Birthday Girl ...Sweet 16

How time fly's ...Here is Katie 16 yesterday ... This is all making me feel rather ancient ;-(
And to think THIS CELEBRATION was only two years ago.& THIS CELEBRATION was last year ...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Girls on Tour ..New York Style

It was very cold !!
The Statue of Liberty up close
Wall street ...thought this was a nice pic
Ground Zero ... a huge building site
The Favourite hang out for the girls ...the Abercrombie & Fitch store !!

Rockafella Centre
Shopping Bags ...looking at this picture stresses me out !!!
Time Square
Central Park
Skyline view from Statue of Liberty
Below is the Empire State taken from the Top of the Rock ( Rockafella centre )They were delayed Five hours on their way home because of heavy Snow and freezing temperatures !!

Catching up on the last week or so !!

Well you will be pleased to hear that I did survive with my three cherubs and we all coped really well . I must however confess that for a few days Alli's mum Jane did provide us with the meals thank you once again Jane ...

I spent a couple of days chilling , reading the scriptures & praying as well as reading E.M Bounds on prayer ...a book that I highly recommend will inspire you to pray more

Alli & Gill had a fantastic time in New York ...probably something to do with the Shops ..particularly one shop here to find out more .!!

I'll be postings some photo's later of their adventure :-)

The dogs enjoyed their prayer stroll :-)

Friday, February 08, 2008

How will I cope !!

Well ..I have been abandoned for five days . Abandoned to the marauding teenagers that live in this house . Gill with her best friend Alli have gone to New York ...How could she do it to me ..and to cap it all ,the girls are all a little hormonal at the moment !!!

Any tips as to how I am to survive ? I think Chester and I ( he is my dog ) will be going for some very long walks :-)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Big Sis ..

The last few weeks have been pretty tough for my mum . With the loss of Dad in November she has had to come to terms with living alone , whilst trying to cope with Osteoporosis which restricts her mobility and also I think she is showings signs of the onset of alzheimers disease .

In all of this my big big sister Jane has been a rock , helping my mum as best she can . Mum has now decided to move to residential self contained accomodation nearer to Jane and whilst I was away Jane sorted out all the details this post is dedicated to my Big Sis .. I love her loads ..

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Back in the Groove ..Although a little jet lagged !

Back into the routine ...Preached this morning , praying that the Lord will take hold of his word and change us all for the better . Phil also tonight preached powerfully . I think Alabama did us both good ...from time to time it is good to feed in pastures new .
Heard some news about Wes & Chris our fellow intrepid travellers ...they arrived back in the UK minus their luggage and they are still waiting for it to turn up !!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Back Home

After travelling for what seemed like a lifetime we arrived safely back in the storm swept UK .

The last nine days have been wonderful . Great company , the best hospitality from lovely people and some very thought provoking teaching . Lots to think & pray about over the next few days .

But you know what they say...There is no place like home

Day 6 & 7 ..on our way home ..

Our last breakfast .... Huck Lee took us back to the Cracker Barrel for yet another early morning feast !!Chris puffed out his ever growing cheeks with a plateful of pancakes !!My last Blueberry Muffin ...I was struggling ..but it did get finished ...It was only polite as Huck was paying for it :-) Below is Phils Light bite of Blueberry Pancakes !!A couple of Hill Billies rockin away on the porch ..The last session at the conference ....I think Jamie got the wrong end of the stick ...the idea was not to convert to Islam !!! :-)After the conferance we said goodbye to Wes & Chris who were travelling on to see some missionaries attached to their church . So the rest of the motley bunch travelled on to Atlanta to stay at Wyatt's new house ....
View down Wyatts street ...bit different to the UK !!
If your interested ..this is the house next door ...for sale at £150,000...Cheap as chips The accommodation on the inside was very minimalist !! Wyatt was waiting for his furniture to arrive from the UK this is my bed for the night ..Jamie finally took the plunge:-) He looks a bit like a telly tubby ..
Phil which way is home ...........