Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Wii with the Wright's ....

Yesterday we spent an evening with the Wright's who also had a Wii for Christmas . The world has gone Wii mad . We would all be lost without our numbchucks!!!

Grandma Sylvia observing Laura on the Ski slope !!
Beth was being extremely bashful ...

This apparently is what Wii fit estimated my physical age at ..Technology is often prone to error ;-)
This is me & Phil on Wii..No prizes for guessing who the tall handsome one is :-)

I this really the son of Phil ? He is already 20ft taller than him ....
Grandad Robin observing the Wii madness

Friday, December 26, 2008

We Got a Wii for Christmas :-)

Boxing Day....

Christmas Day .....

HELP ME LORD...was Anna's cry !

Anna had a very frightening experience the other night on Crewe station . She was waiting for the train to Liverpool when suddenly this man came up behind her and grabbed her . She screamed or rather she prayed at the top of her voice "Help me Lord" and then from nowhere two coppers ,one in plain clothes and one in uniform appeared and grappled the attacker to the ground ! They then carted him off leaving Anna in the hands of a female police officer who proceeded to tell her that this man was wanted . He had a committed many crimes and was a known rapist ! How frightening is that !!!

Anyway she is fine now if a little traumatised by the whole experience and I have vowed now to take all my girls along to some self defence classes ....

Just shows you though that sometimes answers to prayer are instant ...He keeps us you know ..

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Friends and family..

Spent some time with Ali over in Derby last this week and with my mum and then Dave & Deb on Christmas Eve

Lots of Carol singing this year ..

As a church we were given the opportunity to hold carol services at seven different venues over the festive season . The biggest of which was last Sunday in the Stanier hall in Wem . Approx 350 people turned out, which was marvelous . Church today was also packed to the gunnels , praying that what was heard will not be forgotten ...Here is a photo of a few of us singing outside Wem's Co-Op last Saturday


just thought I would stop by and wish everyone a happy Christmas . I have been busy over the last few days ..full report with pics to follow . Today however I am piling on the fat with the Christmas food ...and lots of it :-0.Apparently on an average Christmas day in the Western world we consume over 6000 calories ,more than three times our limit !!

Friday, December 19, 2008

A Sharing family :-)

We share everything in this family including our bugs ... Laura is the latest to fall foul of the dreaded sickness and Katie is also showing signs of weakness ...bring out the Lemsip :-)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas cheer...

Sickness Strikes

First I had the man flu and now Gill . She however has suffered more than I did ... cough ,cough ,cough ... and poor old me has been confined to the sofa bed for the last four nights .. and she won't even let me rub the Vicks on her chest :-)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Christmas Meal Number 2 ..and its only the 3rd December

Last night we held our Annual Wem Baptist Christmas meal at the Hawkstone Hotel . 99 guest enjoyed a sumptuous meal followed by an after dinner evangelistic address by Will Loescher of Walsall Independant Evangelical Church .

Great night , especially given the fact that I enjoyed my first mince pie of the season ;-)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Great day yesterday ..

The morning started with " Thought for the Day " at Adams school . Year 11 , always a challenge :-).
In the afternoon I led and spoke at my first Carol service of the season at a nursing home in Ellesmere . A team of 10 folk from the church went along to sing and speak of the Saviour .

I met an old chap who's as blind as a bat and yet he was able to sing all of the carols word for word . Turns out he was a vicars son as well as being a Master at Ellesmere College , having taught and led many choirs in his long life .
It's great to meet these characters. People once so active in society now living often lonely isolated existences in care . If you get a chance to go into your local nursing home this Christmas then go will brighten up their lives .

In the evening Tee, Beth , Laura and myself went along to Anfield to watch the greatest team in the land only manage a 0-0 draw with West Ham . It was Laura's and Beths first experience of a packed Anfield ..and they loved . As did i . You never tire of singing the greatest Anthem in the world . " You'll Never Walk Alone" ..sadly I forgot my camera, so no pics ..

Wem Baptist ..Schools team Christmas bash

Great night on Saturday . Our schools team got together for a festive meal . It was a great night , lots of laughs ..I can't believe how badly behaved some people are ;-)
The schools work in Wem and the surrounding villages is a real blessing to us as a team and as a church . Currently we go into 18 schools within a 15 mile radius of Wem and are hoping to expand even more in the future ... A great team ..All for His glory .

Saturday at the Flicks

On Saturday I went out to the pictures with Will my old mate from Wheelock Heath Baptist Church and with Jacob ( Danny & Julie's lad ) . Madagascar 2 was the film . It was superb. Good clean fun . We treated ourselves to a few Big Mac's afterwards ..which was not so good :-)

Busy week for Katie ...

Katie was fully occupied last week with her starring role in " The Laundry Girls" ...a production put on by the Wem Amateur Dramatic Society ...she was brilliant ..but I don't have any pics because we were not allowed :-(...We also went along to her GCSE certificate night at Thomas Adams ..another proud moment in the Whiteway household .