Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Guess who came to stay ??

A little camera shy this time ...click here for her identity ..oops sorry wrong link click here

Sunday, June 24, 2007

More Publicity ...BOND2theBIBLE

Thanks to Mike Atkin for this superb poster ...Got to give a copy to me mum :-)

Bond 2 The Bible

Had the Photo shoot for Holiday Bible Club this week ...have you ever seen a better looking pair of James Bond's ... 007 and a half , along side 006 and a half !!!

Watch out for more publicity coming your way :-)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Old friends !!

Had a visit from a part time Welshman today ...Mike my old mate from our days down in Bridgend .. It was great to see him and his Dog Dillon ...Anna his wife will be looking at this photo thinking what a hunk I married :-)

The Griff was unleashed

Ben "the Griff" a la Postman Pat Griffin came over last night to speak to the poor unsuspecting folk of Wem . Ben is a star, filled with a passion for the people in the Ivory Coast . He made a great impression on those who heard him . Lets pray that they make it to the language school in Bordeux and then eventually on to the Ivory coast . Thanks Ben if your reading this .

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Lots of opportunities

One of the many blessing about being part of Wem Baptist Church is the abundance of opportunities we have to share the Gospel with the community at large ... For instance this week I have spoken at various gatherings :-
Sunday ... In the evening we baptised five believers , the church was packed and the Gospel was preached .
Monday ... Spoke at the Act of Worship at Adams Senior school at 9am . Then later on that day we had some young people from a secondary school in Whitchurh over to the church for an RE lesson . In the evening we had the ABQ ( Answering the Big Questions ) course . This weeks topic "Can we trust the Bible". Also I was interviewed during the day by Premier Radio about the work we do amongst the elderly folk in our community .
Tuesday ... Did an assembly at Hadnell primary school
Wednesday ..Assembly at Lower Heath primary school
Thursday .. One to one opportunities for the Gospel at coffee morning and then whilst Phil & I were planning for Holiday Bible Club we were given the opportunity to talk to the manageress of the place were we were meeting . This presented another opportunity for work based chaplaincy starting July .
Friday .. Youth meeting ... drugs and alchohol was the subject . Lots of good dicussion on this .
Saturday ...this morning led the prayer meeting . Wonderful time of prayer for the lost .
Tomorrow ...Fathers day family service .

This really is a typical week . The schools work in particular is blossoming , in addition to the assemblies that I did, the rest of the team were covering two other engagements .
Opportunities are growing ....we need the workers to keep up . Anyone interested ?

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Gramps is getting Older

The Happy Gathering
Calorie boosting Chocky cake !
Gill & Laura ..
Katie is going to murder me for uploading this one ..He He
Which one is Gramps ?

Went out for a meal tonight celebrating Gramp's birthday ...Italiano ..my favourite

Magic Eye

Whats hidden in this picture ? I have no idea & don't have the patience to keep staring at it :-(

On Sunday night I will be preaching at a baptism service at Wem . Five folk willing to publically declare their love for Jesus Christ by going through the waters of baptism ..

Anyway I have been pondering the sermon this afternoon and will be using the magic eye as an illustration ...Do you remember them . they used to drive me crazy in the 90's ..

Here is a link to the online versions ..so you can go crazy too. The sad thing is Gill ( my wife) see's the picture in a matter of seconds!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Rural pastoring & potatoes

Being a city lad I don't have much of a clue when it comes to vegetable patches etc .. However I'm learning . I went on a visit this morning to see an elderley chap who is recouperating at home from knee surgery . He had me digging up some new potatoes from his beautifully kept garden . This is a first for me ( to my shame ) . I have never dug up potatoes before . I was shocked that they didn't come out of the soil ready washed in plastic bags :-)

Perspective ...and ABQ

What's your take on life ? How do you see it ? What's it all about ? Some of the questions that will be answered over the next eight weeks at the ABQ course ( Answering the Big Questions). If you are within commutable distance to Wem and you would like to have your questions answered, then why not come along 7:30pm every Monday until 23rd July .

Jesus once said to the Apostle Peter , just after Peter had got it all wrong: Peter "You don't have in mind the things of God but the things of man."

ABQ aims to make you more mindful of the things of God . It will give you a right perspective on life ...

Monday, June 04, 2007

Has it been a month ..oops

Sorry folks ...just had lots of other priorities ..anyway will endeavour to be a wee bit more blogger friendly in June ...

This last week we have had Dorothia staying ...or Doro as we call her . Doro is a German boarder at Thomas Adams college . She is a great young lady who cooked us a traditional German meal on Sat night . Schnitzel ( thats pork in breadcrumbs to the uninitiated :-) . It was superb , thanks Doro