Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sorry for the relapse in blogging

Sorry to those one or two who stop by this blog on a regular basis , I have been very remiss in my pounding of the keyboard . I will however try to put that right this coming week .

Last week was extremely busy so time was of a premium I'm afraid . Having said that I managed to get away for a couple of days with Alistair ( Pastor of Emmanuel in Northwich ) and Phil for a time of prayer and study and curry !! lots of curry ... Being the senile one that I am I forgot to pack the camera so we are picture less . But if you want to take a look at where we stayed then click here .

Monday, January 19, 2009

ABQ begins again....

Answering the Big Questions kicked off again tonight ... an interactive discussion about the questions you may have about God .
If you are in the Wem area then its not too late to come along next Monday night . Email me if you want more details ...
If you are not in the Wem area and you have questions about God and religion then feel free to email them to me and I will do my best with the answer .

Miserable Monday

Are you suffering from the Winter blues today . Well if you are then you are in good company. I heard on the news this morning that today has been officially designated miserable Monday . On this one day of the year you are more likely to feel depressed more than on any other day of the year :-( Read about it here ....

So if you are feeling a bit down today remember that there is always a brighter tomorrow ... So I have designated tomorrow to be Tip-Top Tuesday :-)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Church New years Get together tonight

Rachels team were the victors in tonights New Years Gathering at the church ...Edward and the team organised a great event ... lots of folk turned out for a fun evening :-)

More pictures over on Facebook here

Sunday, January 11, 2009

THe Old Man of Wem ...Norman

Norman on Tuesday reached the grand old age of 80 !!! Only thing is is coincided with our day of prayer and fasting I missed out on the Birthday cake . So I hope you saved me a slice Norm !!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Routine ..Routine

It has been nice to get back into business as usual this week .
Whilst I love the Christmas and New year period and the relaxation and expanding waistline that that brings , I am always glad when I can get back into the my daily routines .
Just being able to go into the study and not be disturbed is a big bonus :-) ..

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

It all begins again.....

I dont know about you but I always look forward to a new year . For me its good to ponder the many opportunities that the Lord is going to put before me, my family and the church here at Wem .

Today as a church we are praying and fasting about this year , seeking the Lord's will for individuals and the fellowship ... Join us if you like :-)

Saturday, January 03, 2009

50 Years for John & Barbara ..

It was good today to go and celebrate 50 years of married bliss with John & Barbara Kirkham today. They are a great couple and it was a privilege to be there with them and their friends and family this afternoon .

More Photo's Here

Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Years Day

Quick visit to see Nana with Anna..
Katie usual doing the teenage camera shy thing :-)

A couple of well behaved young ladies ..Laura & Amy
Ella , Anna & Alice hittting the drinks!!
Why is it that Gill always has a glass in her hand ...Sarah was keeping hers out of shot :-)
Rich was put to work on sorting out my computer ..fed him for his trouble :-)

Doro popped in all the way from Germany with Becca in tow ...

Happy New year to all ....

Brought in the New Year over at our Jane & Nicks house ... It was too cold for fireworks :-)

Despite the cold Naomi &Laura watched in their PJ's

Netto Fireworks ...not much bang in em !!

Arty black an white of the Old Timers :-)

Laura cannot be beaten on the Wii ...

Katie , as usual camera shy !!!

Not so with Luara ..she was tickling me !!

The Old Timers again

US Marine boy Nick ...

Oh Yes ..lets not forget MORE FOOD !!!

Great Day on The Atkin's Farm...

We had a lovely time yesterday over in Cheshire . Over 40 folk gathered at Chris & Isobel's farm in Cheshire for a walk and bite to eat . It was a great end to the old year ..Thanks to all the Atkin's family.
More pictures HERE