Tuesday, May 09, 2006

God's Provision ...A true story from last night

Listen to this true story from last night and ask yourself the question ...Just coincidence or the gracious gift of God .

6:15pm last Night Laura comes in from the Garage ( where we have our freezer) . "Dad the freezer door has been left open all night and everything has melted "

6:20 Gill empties the freezer of its defrosted contents ..approx £120 worth

Money is not that easy to come by in our house at the moment so this is a big blow to the Whiteway economy ...

We tell no one ...Gill goes off to a Netball presentation and I go off to a church meeting .

9:15pm Anna /Katie & Laura are at home when the doorbell rings .... Anna answers .There is nobody there ..She looks down and sees 3 very large bags full of Iceland Frozen foods and they promptly restock the Freezer ..

Wow ... Gill and I come home a little later and with the Girls we all give thanks for God's provision to us ..

Remember ..We told no one about this mini disaster ... Coincidence ...No ...God's provision yes