Saturday, January 26, 2008

Day 2 ..Conference & cakes !!

It was an early start this morning for the intrepid joggers!!! It was freezing -3 degrees BRRRR Outside the conference centre ...
Inside the conference centre

Walmarts...Jamie poor lad is a single bloke who is becoming a bit desperate ...he has resorted now to Pink shirts and Teddy bears ...So ladies if you fancy taking on this poor old Scotsman then dop me a line :-)
This is a couple of boys waiting for their steak in one of the local steakhouses " Outbacks " the food was superb and this particular restaurant was managed by an Englishman called Dave .
Another Conference photo ....
Jamie's at it again ...turn your back for one minute and he is chatting to the Ladies ..Susan who is part of the conference team was at the time sorting out our restaurant reservation ...
Wes & yes you guessed it Jamie making good use of their free time :-)...check out Jamie's Face

Birmingham is a great place to come to , the folk here are very hospitable and friendly . All of us have benefitted from their friendship .
Despite what it looks like on the photo's we are actually spending most of our days at the conference where there is much information and teaching to absorb .
In between times we eat ...its the American way when in Rome as they say .... I had been trying to lose weight until I came here :-)