Friday, February 20, 2009

An Engagement love story ..girls you will like this ..

This week we stayed over in Liverpool and witnessed the romantic event of the century ..Rob & Amy's engagement ..

Amy had been waiting and waiting and waiting for months for Rob to get his act together and ask the question ,anyway on Monday the big day finally arrived .
Rob & Amy have just bought our old family home in Liverpool and they are in the middle of ripping it apart !! bringing it into the 21st century , so Amy thought she was coming around on Monday night to do some more work on it ....but our Rob had other ideas !!!!

He had , with a little help from his family prepared one of the rooms for the big question .

The lighting was right , the music was right , the suprise was right and she said yes ... in fact I think she screamed when he got down on one knee !! see I told you that you would like this story girls ....
Later on that night the suprises continued for Amy . The whole family had got together at Amy's family home for an impromtu celebration ... Great day

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