Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lots going on ...

Sorry for not blogging lately. Mum has been critically ill so I have been back and forward to her in Arrowe Park Hospital. At one stage (yesterday) it appeared to be touch and go but thankfully today she has started to show signs of recovering .

Anna is having a very interesting time in South Africa . She has been placed in an Indian community that are predominantly Muslim and they don't take to Christians very well.She is staying at a Indian Pastors house whose brother was murdered the day before she arrived !! Also one of her team was arrested in the week and to cap it off the Pastors wife was rushed into hospital with a strange sickness bug on Thursday . We have been much in prayer for them all . It doesn't help that Anna doesn't like curry either ;-)

Much going on in the Whiteway household at the moment , never a dull moment ,praise God ;-)