Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good & Sad days ....

Today is a good day as we are all in London as a family. I want to go to the Museums and the girls want to go to the shops ! And because I am such a sacrificial dad I am sure the girls will win the day.
Last night was funny. We had a meal at the Hotel we are staying at and then departed for our room via the lift and just as we were entering the lift Laura dropped something that had a very pungent aroma.... If you know what I mean ! It was made even more embarrassing when two fellas got into the lift and noticed the aroma :-). Laura died a million deaths. Never seen her face go so red. I chuckled all night.
Sad day today in one respect. Today marks the second anniversary of my mates death Paul. Still miss him loads but I am thankful for so many happy memories :-)
Anyway off to the shops I go. Lots of trips to coffee shops me thinks today :-)
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