Monday, March 20, 2006

A Passion For Christ

Yesterday ( the Lord's day ) was very restful it should be ... In the morning I preached the passion account from John's Gospel " Here they crucified Him"...and at least for me ( I can't vouch for everyone else ) there was a real sense of being at the foot of the cross whilst preaching .

In the evening Wem welcomed a chap called Tony Anthony an ex world Kung Fu champion who gave his life to Christ in a Cypriot prison cell in 1990 . He too had a passion for Christ which was more than evident . Read his story here .

This week most weeks there is much to do ...I Have tried to organise myself a little differently this week ...with all of my tasks neatly organised in one central A4 planner ...what was it that Robbie Burns said " The best laid plans of mice and men " ... The only problem is I can't find where I put it :-)