Thursday, April 20, 2006


I attended a funeral yesterday at Wheelock Heath Baptist . Mary Green a 93 year old lady who died of old age a couple of weeks ago. I often used to go and visit Mary for a cup of tea and a chat . She was a lovely lady with a steadfast faith and strong opinions . I loved chatting with her . She had been part of the congregtion at the church since 1914 .Over 90 years of church attendance at the same church that is stickability for you. Now she attends a different church in the heavenly realms of eternal joy and peace with her Lord.

Last night we had dinner at my sisters house . Jane and Nick you will be pleased to know have collectively lost 19lbs between them since we last saw them . I think it was the photo on the sofa that finally spured them on to weight watchers :-)

Today I have four of five pastoral visits to make so I had best get a move on ...