Friday, December 26, 2008

HELP ME LORD...was Anna's cry !

Anna had a very frightening experience the other night on Crewe station . She was waiting for the train to Liverpool when suddenly this man came up behind her and grabbed her . She screamed or rather she prayed at the top of her voice "Help me Lord" and then from nowhere two coppers ,one in plain clothes and one in uniform appeared and grappled the attacker to the ground ! They then carted him off leaving Anna in the hands of a female police officer who proceeded to tell her that this man was wanted . He had a committed many crimes and was a known rapist ! How frightening is that !!!

Anyway she is fine now if a little traumatised by the whole experience and I have vowed now to take all my girls along to some self defence classes ....

Just shows you though that sometimes answers to prayer are instant ...He keeps us you know ..