Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Great day yesterday ..

The morning started with " Thought for the Day " at Adams school . Year 11 , always a challenge :-).
In the afternoon I led and spoke at my first Carol service of the season at a nursing home in Ellesmere . A team of 10 folk from the church went along to sing and speak of the Saviour .

I met an old chap who's as blind as a bat and yet he was able to sing all of the carols word for word . Turns out he was a vicars son as well as being a Master at Ellesmere College , having taught and led many choirs in his long life .
It's great to meet these characters. People once so active in society now living often lonely isolated existences in care . If you get a chance to go into your local nursing home this Christmas then go ...it will brighten up their lives .

In the evening Tee, Beth , Laura and myself went along to Anfield to watch the greatest team in the land only manage a 0-0 draw with West Ham . It was Laura's and Beths first experience of a packed Anfield ..and they loved . As did i . You never tire of singing the greatest Anthem in the world . " You'll Never Walk Alone" ..sadly I forgot my camera, so no pics ..