Monday, June 29, 2009

At The Bridge ....

Way back in 1985 I started going to a church in Garston , Liverpool . Garston Bridge Chapel as it was known then was to be the birthplace of my Christian faith . Yesterday 24 years later I preached at that same church . It was a privilege to be able to minister in the place of my spiritual birth .

These days it has changed its location and is called Bridge Chapel but there are still many of the old familiar faces from years gone by .

Les Stamper is one of those ancient faces :-) ( sorry Les ) who runs a wonderful ministry for adults with special needs and last night the "Thursday Club" as the work is known took the evening meeting at the chapel . What a blessing that was , what a joy to see the faith that these people have . It not only brought a tear to Les's eye but to the majority of the 400 or so folk who were also privileged to be part of the service .

Keep up the good work Les and Co ..fantastic job that the Lord has clearly gifted you to do .