Monday, January 04, 2010

Oops ..late again Happy New Year everyone

Oh dear , slightly remiss of me not to blog up on new years day to wish you all a happy new year .However as the old saying goes better late than never .

New years Eve was a great day. we traveled over to Oulton to visit the Atkin family and the gathered masses from Wem and Northwich churches . Walking , eating drinking and chatting were the order of the day and it was lovely . Many thanks again for their hospitality . I did take some pics but I cant find the camera at the mo to upload them they will be coming on a later post .

It was back to work in earnest today ...back into the routine which to be honest I am more than happy about . I am also more than happy about the Christmas tree coming down today , we now have our living room back and more importantly my favourite chair in the corner of the room just as I like it .. sad I know ...

May the Lord Bless you and keep you this year whatever may come your way .