Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Dad's date day with Nana in tow !

Every once in a while I take each of my girls out for a date day or a date night . We call it the DDN ( Dad's Date Night). Its a good time to spend a few hours with each of my daughters individually.

Wednesday is my day off so I took the opportunity to take Katie out but on the way to our date we took Nana out for lunch which is always an experience :-) . Nana wanted to go to Parkgate and after lunch she had to have her ice cream .. Mint choc -chip and vanilla her favourite combination ... After a couple of hours we managed to dispatch Nana back to her home on the Wirral and then off we went to Katie's chosen destination ...Manchester Airport Viewing Gallery . It was a throwback to her childhood when we would go as a family to watch the planes .. It was great . Since we were last there ( about 7 years ago ) they have added Concorde to the gallery . Superb aircraft.
It was then on to the Trafford Centre for Starbucks and The Odeon Cinema . Hancock was the chosen film ...great film ..Will Smith was brilliant .. I was once told by a Pastor friend of mine that part of a Dads role is to make happy memories for his kids . Well hopefully Katie has a few from today as has Nana with her MintChoc-Chip :-)