Friday, February 10, 2006


Yesterday I did another couple of assemblies with the European cup you do ...and afterwards I sat Down with Brian Hall ( ex Liverpool player of the 70's and now public relations manager) and interviewed him about the role of the chaplaincy at Liverpool Football Club . He said that he never would have thought that football and Christianity would go together but he had been proved wrong over the last few years as he has witnessed the chaplaincy under Bill Bygroves have a very positive effect on the club , the staff and the surrounding community.

The evening was spent at the "Thursday Club " at " The Bridge" another excellent work reaching out to over 70 adults who have learning difficulties . Les Stamper ( the afflicted Evertonian ) heads up the work with a team of 30 or so support workers . The love for these people was more than evident . A special meeting with some special people . Praise God for works such as this .