Monday, February 06, 2006

Weekend Round Up

Apart from yesterdays result the weekend had many highlights .....

Anna and Katie took part in the school production "The Mikado" on Saturday night . They did well as part of the chorus .... I had never heard of the play until now . Apparently it is well known amongst theatre buffs ... I am obviously not a cultured type.

Sunday was spent at the Bridge . Bill Bygroves preached morning and evening. Both sermons you can hear via their website .In the morning we were introduced as a family to the whole church and between us we read Esther Chpt 1 . The girls were nervous but they did well . Its not easy standing in front of 450 people . We looked like the Von-trapp family on the stage :-).

Les and Cathy Stamper had us for lunch . They have been friends for many years but there is a problem . Les is an Evertonian and he has suffered with this affliction for many years ...I really do fear for his long term mental stability because of this burdensome problem ...If you are reading this Les ...get well soon :-)

In the evening service I was asked to give my testimony ... I had about 10 minutes so I only managed the abridged version ..... which was good for the poor unfortunates who had to listen to me .

Off to the Bridge again today ...taking part in their BBC 1 course ( Bridge Bible class) . A course aimed at non-believers . Tonight's big question is "What is God Like "