Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Day 5 ..The pace is unrelenting ...

Phil went sleep walking last night and found one of Lee's recreational toys!!a light breakfast casserole to start the day cooked by our American Mom:-)Ma ,Pa & the boys having breakfast...

Another hard day at the office ...all of us are starting to suffer from information overload !!..Look at the concentration n Jamie's face ....He had a full head of hair 5 days ago !!

Evening Meal at 'The Club' an exclusive restaurant overlooking Birmingham The food was sumptuous ...oysters , caviar the lot ....far to sophisticated for the other boys ;-)

The happy gang

The Chuckle Brothers !!
Chris's belly is beginning to stretch the stitching on his shirts !!! To be honest our food consumption seems to have hit an all time high today ...and in a few hours time we are being taken for yet another big breakfast ...bring on the carrots and celery !!