Friday, January 25, 2008

Hi from Alabama

Well here we aaalll are ..from the deep south .
We are all very tired , yesterday which I think was Wednesday we were travelling for nearly 23 hours .... at my age that is no joke.
The place is great ...the food is plentiful , my stomach is very happy.

The First picture is one taken on the coach on the way down to London. We met a loveley lady called Mary and I promised I would put her picture up on the internet ..

The second picture is the one of the boys on tour . This was taken at Charlotte airport which I think is in North Carolina.

This is Jamie the mad Scotsman this stage in our travels we were becoming a little delirious ..or rather jamie was :-)Our host family in Birmingham have a Harley , so Phil is in his element ..He struggled to put his feet on the floor though :-)This is the home of the Trinkle family ...and our wonderful hosts Lee& Catherine Trinkle . They truly know how to show Christian hospitality .Breakfast at one of the local restaurants... The Brits are in town Jamie pretending he was full ..he ate six meals the day before ...they are made of strong stuff those Scottish boys !!This was my snack of a breakfast !!!The Conferance Venue at the Church ...they have 4000 members at this Church Phil , as usual , managed to get himself in front of the camera ..what you cant see is that they had to stand him on a box :-)....Below is the seminar room ..just to prove we are working :-)

So far its been a great experience , however I am absoluteley cream crackered . The Jet lag is kicking in big time ...more Photo's tomorrow ... Missing everyone back at home .